The Offbeat Request-sheet Art Gallery

At last we get our revenge on those who use our request sheets for purposes other than, well, requests...

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Exhibit no.1: Is this supposed to be us?!
Exhibit no.2: Anonymous self-portrait A.
Exhibit no.3: Anonymous self-portrait B.
Exhibit no.4: Nigel and friends.
Exhibit no.5: The menace.
Exhibit no.6: On and offbeat..
Exhibit no.7: Debauched Miffy!
Exhibit no.8: Some people will say anything to get their request played!
Exhibit no.9: Offbeat characters.
Exhibit no.10: Popstar's heads - part 1.
Exhibit no.11: Popstar's heads - part 2.
Exhibit no.12: The only Indy I like...
Exhibit no.13: The art of the head doorman - though we assume it's not a portrait of the average Offbeat-goer! More to come hopefully...
Exhibit no.14: The Polyphonic Spree - a working model by Sarah Q
Exhibit no.15: Hello, kitten
Exhibit no.16:
Exhibit no.17: Offbeat lovehearts
Exhibit no.18: A Venn diagram for musical genres
Exhibit no.19: Surfing
Exhibit no.20: Pictorial Pixies requests
Exhibit no.21: Some more pictorial requests
Exhibit no.22: Flying the flag for Offbeat
Exhibit no.23: A picture of us
Exhibit no.24: A very cunning request sheet
Exhibit no.25: Rabbit Rock!
Exhibit no.26: Catch the bus to Offbeat
Exhibit no.27: A requesting giraffe
Exhibit no.28: The Polyphonic Spree return
Exhibit no.29: Another pictorial Pixies request
Exhibit no.30: Offbeat - an oasis in the desert
Exhibit no.31: Trogdor the burninator
Exhibit no.32: Quite right too!
Exhibit no.33: Random objects
Exhibit no.34: Badass bunny
Exhibit no.35: Offboat
Exhibit no.36: Colin the Walrus
Exhibit no.37: The real cool kids!
Exhibit no.38: Even more pictorial Pixies requests
Exhibit no.39: The end of Offbeat
Exhibit no.40: Pictorial Belle and Sebastian requests
Exhibit no.41: Fair Trade owl
Exhibit no.42: Pictorial Death Cab For Cutie request
Exhibit no.43: Offbeat snowman
Exhibit no.44: More pictorial Pixies requests
Exhibit no.45: Happy Birthday Alex
Exhibit no.46: Jimmy down the well...
Exhibit no.47: Otterbeat (a spoof flyer)
Exhibit no.48: Owl
Exhibit no.49: Offbeat transmission
Exhibit no.50: Cat
Exhibit no.51: Christmas art
Exhibit no.52: Yet more pictorial requests...
Exhibit no.53: Happy Christmas
Exhibit no.54: A request for Modest Mouse
Exhibit no.55: Joyrider Jarvis
Exhibit no.56: Help She Can't Swim!
Exhibit no.57: Fox in the snow maze
Exhibit no.58: Baby into witchcraft
Exhibit no.59: Band sihouette
Exhibit no.60: Portions for foxes
Exhibit no.61: Andrew WK
Exhibit no.62: Odd one out?
Exhibit no.63: Final Fantasy
Exhibit no.64: Rough-looking requester
Exhibit no.65: Pom Pom Purim (sic?)
Exhibit no.66: The death of indie
Exhibit no.67: Offbeat rocks!
Exhibit no.68: The edible dormouse of Great Missenden
Exhibit no.69: Happy/sad
Exhibit no.70: Cats
Exhibit no.71: Broken heart
Exhibit no.72: Vote Jarvis
Exhibit no.73: Stroke for the Strokes
Exhibit no.74: Best Friend
Exhibit no.75: Lovecats
Exhibit no.76: Lambs, kittens and cupcakes
Exhibit no.77: Fishy business
Exhibit no.78: Billy Joel
Exhibit no.79: Jilted John
Exhibit no.80: Offbeat Octopus

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