The Offbeat FAQ list

Hopefully this page will answer any of the burning questions you have about Offbeat - if not feel free to email them through, and I'll add the question and answer.

1. What is exactly is Offbeat?
A night of leftfield indie music held every few weeks at The Raynor Lounge, a small venue within Sheffield University Students' Union. If you want more detail than that, then I recommend the What is Offbeat? and playlist pages.

2. Your venue is in Sheffield University SU - so is Offbeat a Student-only event?
No, non-students are most welcome at Offbeat, in fact they make up about half our regular crowd.

3. So, OK, I'm a non-student and would like to come to Offbeat. How do I gain access to the Students Union?
See the information at the bottom of the Where is Offbeat page.

4. How is Offbeat related to Sheffield University SU Ents?
Offbeat, Synthetic and Size of a Cow are independent events promoted, organised and DJ'd solely by the two of us (i.e. Chris and Gill), not by the SU Ents department; though we do book the venue from them, and they've always been very supportive.

5. I'd like to DJ at Offbeat. Is this possible?
In general, no. Not for any malicious reasons; we simply enjoy DJ'ing too much. Thats one of the reasons why we spend a lot of time and effort in promoting and organising the night. On rare occasions there have been short sets from DJ's other than ourselves, but that is very unusual - there's not a rota you can place your name on!

6. Do you put on bands?
No, we have no ambition to become gig promoters as such. Since the Raynor Lounge extension of January 2006 it is possible to put on a gig there, and I suppose there is the outside chance we may do this as a one-off but it really will be the exception.

7. Will Offbeat be sold out when I turn up - what time should I arrive to be sure of getting in?
Since the Raynor Lounge extension in January 2006 this is less of a problem! For our Smiths and Pixies theme nights, and Christmas and Birthday Offbeats you are advised to turn up by 10.30pm; otherwise you should be OK for getting in up to 11.30pm.
See also FAQ no. 12.

8. I'm travelling to Offbeat from quite a distance, and, whilst I have planned to arrive in plenty of time, I am concerned about not getting in if my transport is delayed? Is there anything you can do?
In exceptional circumstances (e.g reliance on the evil that is Virgin Trains) we should be able to sort something out - please email me with the details.

9. Why is Offbeat not run on a weekly basis, or on a regular week of each month?
Because it a hobby, not a business; we both have proper jobs, other interests in life, and there are only 24 hours in a day. Regular weeks of the month are difficult because we try to fit around and into student terms.

10. Would you be interested in DJing at my club/venue?
We might be, though we often turn down offers of work for other promoters simply because it becomes work rather than fun. But if its DJ'ing around a band we particularly like, or something exotic/quirky then it's certainly a possibility; please get in touch! We have no burning desire to become regular paid 'resident' DJs at any event other than our own.

11. Any chance of putting Offbeat on on a different night of the week?
Not really; Saturdays clash with football/cricket commitments! And midweek nights clash with work the next day for us and many of our regulars. So it will remain on Fridays for the forseeable future, though we will do the occasional Saturday night from time to time.

12. I'd like to come along to Offbeat but can't make it down before 10pm due to work, gigging, going to pub with friends, etc., and am worried about making a wasted journey in case you have already sold out...
We have the solution! Namely the Offbeat Hotline - simply ring 0795 260 4392 any time after 9pm, and we can tell you if there any places left. There will be occasions when we still have space at 11.30pm, so it's worth a ring.

13. Why don't you do advance tickets?
We feel that a first-come first-served policy on the night is fairer. Plus tickets cost money and take time to produce, the sellers would want to take a cut, and given that the entrance price to Offbeat is cheap, there is also the risk that a few people would buy and then not attend - thus leading to us turning people away on the night despite having space left.

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