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The playlists archived below, which date back to the start of the 2000/01 Offbeat season, should give you rough idea as to what you might hear at Offbeat. You can request tracks on the night or in advance by email. As you'll see below, we play anything and everything in the first hour or so, with the relatively more popular tracks being played later on.

Also listed below are the playlists from a few of our guest DJ sets, and from our classic indie night Size of a Cow, which we ran from 1999 to 2006. Synthetic playlists can be found at

We are gradually be uploading Spotified versions of almost all our Offbeat playlists since September 2000, so that you can now listen and dance to the sounds of Offbeat in the comfort of your own home or office using Spotify. Playlists that have been Spotified are marked with a [S] in the index below. Note that some of the older Spotified Offbeat playlists tend to contain around 90-95% of tracks from that night - parts of each playlist seem to be too obscure for their catalogue.

Thanks to all who have contributed so far in Spotifying playlists for us: Clark, Jen, Richard, Paul, Pete, Sarah, Tom, and any others I have forgotten to mention, we salute you! If you would like to volunteer to Spotify the playlist for one or more of the Offbeats yet to be Spotified, that would be great - drop me an email on the usual address and I will allocate as many as you wish.

To view a playlist, select the date from the relevant list and click on the 'Go' button.

Offbeat playlists:

Guest DJing playlists:

Size of a Cow playlists:

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