As regulars will be aware, at every Offbeat and Synthetic night we have a charity 'otter' box in the DJ booth; and at the end of the evening we always invite donations of your loose change. At the end of the year, your donations are added up, we match every penny you have donated with an equal donation of our own, and the total is sent to the International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF), which rehabilitates injured UK otters on the Isle of Skye and funds research and conservation projects for otters around the world. We specify that our funds go towards buying the injured otters some tasty salmon to eat over the Christmas period :-) We also do a special collection at our Offbeat Summer Special in aid of IOSF's annual 'Otterly Mad Appeal'. We generally raise around 200 pounds per year - equivalent to 10 weeks food for a hungry injured or orphaned otter.

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